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System Configuration

The NetVibe system is configured and administered via the same easy-to-use browser-based GUI interface used for reporting.

System Configuration Functions

Device Configuration

Administrator provides the IP Address and SNMP Read Community string for a device, NetVibe system queries the device and display its system and interface (port) information.

Devices and/or interfaces are saved in system and defined as pollable “Elements” with a user-defined name and poll frequency.

Bulk Add

The Bulk Add feature allows you to add a large number of devices and interfaces to the NetVibe database quickly by listing them in an appropriately formatted file using a Bulk add Wizard

User-defined Groups

A pollable Element (device or interface) can be assigned to one or more user-defined Groups for generating reports, or restricting user access

User ID’s

User ID’s can have Administrator or view-only rights to specific groups


“As a service provider we have to make sure that our customer’s networks are always performing well. Netvibe’s ability to restrict access to interfaces and devices by customer fits perfectly with our business model. We like the “Hot Spots” view to help us gain an understanding into any areas that they should be aware of in our networks. NetVibe has certainly helped us deliver better service to our customers.”

-Director, Network Engineering

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