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System Configuration

The NetVibe system is configured and administered via the same easy-to-use browser-based GUI interface used for reporting.

System Configuration Functions

Device Configuration

Administrator provides the IP Address and SNMP Read Community string for a device, NetVibe system queries the device and display its system and interface (port) information.

Devices and/or interfaces are saved in system and defined as pollable “Elements” with a user-defined name and poll frequency.

Bulk Add

The Bulk Add feature allows you to add a large number of devices and interfaces to the NetVibe database quickly by listing them in an appropriately formatted file using a Bulk add Wizard

User-defined Groups

A pollable Element (device or interface) can be assigned to one or more user-defined Groups for generating reports, or restricting user access

User ID’s

User ID’s can have Administrator or view-only rights to specific groups


“NetVibe is one of the best network performance management systems I have ever worked with. We have used it with great success for the past three years to troubleshoot and trend our network.”

- Ken Anketell
Vice President, Network Operations
Citizens Bank

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