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System Architecture

NetVibe 3.1

NetVibe is built on a robust software architecture using state-of-the-art technologies, including JMX and J2EE, and an SQL database. This solid technology foundation allows the system to scale and grow as additional features are added in new releases.

Architecture Highlights

  • Classic Three Tier Design: Web Server, J2EE Application Server, SQL Database Server
  • System consists of several independent modules that communicate via messaging servcies, enabling possible distribution of modules across separate hardware platforms (for scalability) in future releases. Modules include:
    • Web Application
    • Polling Engine
    • Reporting Module
    • Data Management Module
  • JMX-based multi-threaded polling controller allows multiple elements to be polled simultaneously for scalabilty
  • Polling Engine supports multiple protocols SNMP and Ping currently, others possible in future (HTTP, JMX, etc.)
  • Robust Data Management - MySQL DB is scalable and widely used, with many third party utilities available

“We have seen alot of tools come our way that are sold to do a million different things. We just wanted something that did 100 out of 1000 functions really well. NetVibe has far exceeded our expectations. One of my engineers said it best "it just works"”

-Network Manager
Large University

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