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NetVibe 3.1

Network Performance Management System


NetVibe is a flexible and robust SNMP-based performance management system that allows network managers and engineers to easily track utilization, health, and latency statistics on network routers and switches, Windows Hosts, WAN circuits, and LAN segments. It can run on a server in a data center and collect statistics on 1,000’s of network elements, or it can run on a laptop, and serve as an invaluable ad-hoc troubleshooting tool. It fits the bill for those looking for an alternative to expensive, complex high-end systems, or ineffective, limited low-end systems.

NetVibe provides the information you need to:

  • intelligently plan for network growth
  • eliminate wasted bandwidth and save $$$’s
  • troubleshoot network problems more effectively
  • anticipate performance issues before they happen

Easy to use Web-based User Interface

  • GUI is completely browser-based
  • Reporting and administrative functions are simple and intuitive

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly detail graphs and summary reports
  • Radar reports identify potential network Hot Spots
  • Custom groups can be defined for simplified reporting
  • Full Day or for Business Hour views of data
  • Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed

Flexible & Robust Data Collection

  • Collects Uptime, Latency, and Interface performance data for any SNMP-aware device
  • Collects CPU, Memory for Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls as well as buffer performances for routers only
  • Collects CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization data for Windows Hosts
  • Poll frequencies can be adjusted at any time on any element
  • Poll frequencies can range from 15 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Multi-threaded engine polls multiple elements simultaneously for scalabilty

Custom MIB Polling

  • Add a device specific MIB variable
  • Poll and report on custom MIB variables

Robust and Scalable MySQL Database

  • Uses award winning MySQL database engine
  • NetVibe purchase includes a commercial license for MySQL



“As a service provider we have to make sure that our customer’s networks are always performing well. Netvibe’s ability to restrict access to interfaces and devices by customer fits perfectly with our business model. We like the “Hot Spots” view to help us gain an understanding into any areas that they should be aware of in our networks. NetVibe has certainly helped us deliver better service to our customers.”

-Director, Network Engineering

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