“We have seen alot of tools come our way that are sold to do a million different things. We just wanted something that did 100 out of 1000 functions really well. NetVibe has far exceeded our expectations. One of my engineers said it best "it just works"”

-Network Manager
Large University
 What is NetVibe?

Network Performance Management

NetVibe is a network performance reporting tool designed by network managers and engineers to provide critical utilization, health, and performance statistics on Routers, Switches, and Hosts, at an affordable price, no matter how big or small the network. It fills the niche between complex high-end corporate systems that cost tens of thousands, and popular freeware, such as MRTG, that can be challenging to configure and maintain.

Don’t wait until users complain to discover that your network is overloaded or mis-configured. Don’t waste $1,000’s on bandwidth that is sitting idle. Know your network’s health and performance profile, and take pro-active steps to manage capacity and bandwidth. You can’t take action if you don’t know the facts.

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