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NetVibe 3.1

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade my NetVibe system to allow it to poll more devices?

Go to and select the Upgrade license option . Once, you have completed the transaction a new license file will be generated.  The new license file must be installed under System Configuration > License.  After you select the Upload New License option the system should be able to poll more elements.

The polled element is not showing any data, how do I get it to poll?

Checking the polling summary screen and see if the status of the element polling is “Off” or there is a value set for the polling interval. NetVibe runs a integrity check every-time an element is polled to see if the device is reachable and still on the network.  Verify that you are using the proper SNMP community string and security is not enabled to contact the device

What device types does NetVibe support? Does the device have support in the system?

NetVibe supports Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, and Cisco Firewalls, and Microsoft Windows Hosts (NT,2000,XP, and Vista) that are configured with the host MIB. Other device types will be supported in a future version of NetVibe through custom MIB polling configuration.  Basic MIB statistics attainable through MIB RFC-1213 can be accessed.  

I just added a new Organization to the system and can no longer log-on as root?

The main default organization for NetVibe is defined as “root” when logging into the system.  When you login use the same username/password you currently use as root with the organization of  “root” in the third field.

How do I send scheduled reports to my Email account via our corporate SMTP email server?

The scheduling function supports the ability to run reports on a regular basis and have them emailed to the recipient. Please contact your email administrator to find out whether the email server needs authentication and if the NetVibe server ip-address is allowed send email to the server.   You will need to configure this information in the System Configuration section under System Settings  >  Email Settings to make this function work.