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Download NetVibe 3.1

Network Performance Management System

Netvibe 3.1 for Windows XP

The NetVibe 3.1 software is available in an unlimited element fully functional system for 30-days or a FREE license that supports 50 pollable elements* without scheduled reporting and advanced system configuration and customization (both are available in the purchased version)

If you wish to use the system after the 30-day evaluation completes, please go to the Purchase link to complete your procurement.

NetVibe is available in two versions 500 elements or 1000 elements

Please review the system requirements before downloading NetVibe 3.1

An element is a device (router, switch, firewall, or host) or an interface on a device (LAN interface, WAN interface, Windows System disk)


Permanent License

Purchase a license for NetVibe 3.1

Obtain an Evaluation License

Obtain a fully-functional 30-day evaluation license with 100 pollable elements

Free License

Obtain a free 50 element Limited version