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Company Overview

M5 Systems was founded in 1997 as a provider of network consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, network vendors, and network service providers. Some of M5 Systems, Inc. major clients include banking institutions, financial services providers, and other large enterprises.

Over the course of many years of consulting, M5 Systems, Inc. saw a need for better network management tools to troubleshoot and manage networks. Many enterprises run large and expensive performance management systems that are inflexible and incapable of being used for troubleshooting network issues. Five years ago M5 Systems, Inc. decided to develop its own network management tool,NetVibe, which could be used to solve customer problems.

After many customers asked to purchase the system M5 Systems, Inc. decided to build a commercial version of its NetVibe system that would be available to the general public. M5 Systems, Inc. continues to be a leading provider of consulting services. It draws on its vast knowledge of large enterprises networks, which it uses to develop the best tools at the least cost for network engineers and manager to be used in their everyday. If you have additional questions regarding M5 Systems Inc., please send email to